Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Thunderbird Studio

I know this is unrelated to food, and restaurants, and all that is yummy. However, I am a part of this project, and would love to see our dream of building a silk screen studio come true. It would mean I can start making beautiful prints! Probably of thousands of sushi hand rolls, my favourite thing to draw ever...

Thunderbird, our screen printing studio, is now raising money to finish our beautiful exposure unit, and a few other odds and ends we need to really have it done. We have an indie-go-go campaign to raise money for our opening show. The Indie Go Go account has a bunch of it's own share links, but you can also "attend the event" on facebook and share it that way, to help out!

It doesn't state it in the perks section because we assume most contributors are going to be art enthusiasts rather than artists, but if you donate anything reasonable and you're an artist in Toronto we'd be happy to arrange for you to participate in the studio, and have access to our glorious facilities.

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