Thursday, June 16, 2011

Weekly Features Roundup

It has been an extremely busy and rewarding week at Drawn and Devoured!
I'd like to say a little thank you to people linking back here in the last couple weeks. 

Hand Guide to Nothing Our server from Caplansky's finds Drawn and Devoured, and shares it on his tumblr
Until We Eat Again Mentions the blog at the end of their Toronto cafe tour article, happy to find a blog that's both food and comics
Sheryl Kirby is one of the voices behind TasteToronto, and has moved her daily features to her personal site- TasteTO has been linking to me regularly and it's been very helpful!

I've also had the experience of getting interviewed by a two very amazing websites.
OTMzine is an online publication in magazine format. Doing the interview for them was a LOT of fun, since I got to play at pretty princess and have my makeup done and do a photo shoot. I think the most fun part was getting to draw a mini-comic for them, though. See bellow! 

Drawn and Devoured is now also on Bloglovin' and Foodbuzz.

Thanks again everyone for your support. You make working on this blog a pure pleasure!

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