Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Cafe Plenty

Cafe Plenty make a coy debut a few months ago. It's winning over a steady clientele with novel and fresh food, a gorgeous interior, and very friendly ownership (greeting many people by name when they entered!).

Carargue Red Rice, Wild Rice and Quinoa with Cranberry, Orange and Pistachio
My personal favourite. I'm actually crazy about red rice. This wasn't very sweet, just enough of a blend.

Heirloom Beet, Watercress, Aged Cheddar and Pear
A fresher version of the classic 'goat cheese and beet' salad, the cheddar adding way more kick. Loved the pickled pears! Everything is made in house, yummy.

Mushroom and Herb Soup
Salty and fresh, the herbs (mostly thyme? And others?) make this less cloying than a lot of mushroom soups I've tasted in the past, with a little onion for balance.

A special salad they had that day, with Israeli Couscous. Big, fat grains!

Ham, Egg and Sweet Pepper Galette and daily special with Sweet Potato, Herbs and Cheese
I didn't get around to trying these, but am meaning to go back! They were the most beautiful things on display. The ham looked like a silk ribbon.

House-made Chocolate chip Cookie
Alas, my sweet tooth. Crunchy cookies with lots of butter. I like the added texture of oat flakes. 

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  1. There wasn't a recipe that didn't make my mouth water! I like the idea of watercress and pickled pear with cheddar. The drawing accompanying that was what the ingredients felt like they should look.... a dance of flavours.