Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Kat eats New York City

Last weekend I went to New York City for the first time. Words cannot even BEGIN to lend themselves to the experience, but fortunately that's why I make comics (and why it took me over a week to make this!).
To be updated in colour!
Click to read them full size (800 pixels wide). For links to restaurants, bars, and whatnot mentioned herein, see end of post!
(places mentioned in order of mention)
I wish I took the name of the crazy baklava croissant place down. It was somewhere around Bryant park! Thinking of this is REALLY making me want coffee, this is not the appropriate time of night.
New York Pretzel
Sgt. David Gonzales (surly man makes marvelous knish!)
Pinto Thai
Momofuku (even though I didn't make it in!)
Babycakes Vegan Bakery
Little Skips Cafe
Artists & Fleas
The Brooklyn Brewery
Blue Bottle Coffee
Bagelsmith (seriously, best bagel ever and no damn website!)

Gee! Our regular programming returns next week buckos!

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