Saturday, January 15, 2011

Drawn and Devoured is run by one food loving lady from Toronto....verWHO? you may ask.

Katherine Verhoeven
Katherine Verhoeven, aka VERWHO illustration.
The battle between 'who' and 'hoe' has been fought from my earliest memories of drawing while growing up in Kingston, Ontario (and now I've learned how to teach you to pronounce that big last name in the cleverest of ways). My quirky illustrations have won awards over the last years for their unique conceptual style and distinct vision, and I have been printed in both Creative Quarterly and 3x3 magazine. I love the hard reality of black ink, and the flexibility of digital colours. Since moving to Toronto in 2005 to pursue my illustration practice, I've continued to plague people with proper pronunciation, and have started to notice the beautifully unfolding food (and espresso!) scene in my dear city. What better way to really experience all those flavours than to draw the?

Challenge accepted, Toronto. Challenge accepted!

Interviews and write-ups:
Off The Map Summer 2011 An interview about the blog and my process, featuring a comic drawn by me specially for the issue.
Not French Cooking (Part1, Part 2) interviewed me for their VICE issue, and asked a LOT of very interesting questions.
TasteTO writeup.
SAVEUR interview.

It's worth noting that my little profile image here is from the review of Cava where I ate an obscene amount of truffles, but is also blatantly inspired by a scene in Xavier Dolans 'Amours Imaginaires', probably my favourite film of 2010.

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