Monday, January 30, 2012

first taste: hot cocoa in the murry kitchen

Getting a chance to work with Yasmin Seneviratne is always a pleasure. I've been enjoying her 'first taste' series, recreating food she learned of and loved from illustrated childhood books. The most recent book she wanted to write about was never illustrated, and that's where I come in! Here's an excerpt from her post, but you should go read all of it on Yasmin's blog Le Sauce, which includes another illustraton, and her delicious recipe for hot cocoa!

Childhood picture books, stories and TV shows that depicted food and dining made a real impression on me. Illustrations of steaming bowls of pasta or a piece of toast smothered in purple jam gave me my first taste of foods I'd yet to try, and are sometimes still the archetypes I hold food up to today. Instead of simply reminisce, I'm going to bring those dishes to life the way I imagined they'd be.


On a dark, stormy night, on her journey to the kitchen from her cold attic room, Meg had time to get down on herself about everything from her mousy appearance, to her IQ level to her recent scrap with bullies at school. This girl needed a drink! She knew it, and decided on hot cocoa. That this was a romantic choice, for a young girl, chilled, a little scared and a lot bummed out, was only part of the appeal to me as I read those opening pages in A Wrinkle in Time. There was also the accepted adult-ness of the whole situation, because who should be heating up milk in anticipation of both Meg and her mother showing up in the kitchen in need of some, but the "baby brother" of the family, Charles Wallace, wise and weirdly intuitive beyond any human's years.....(continued).

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