Sunday, April 24, 2011

Lazy Sunday

Hello everyone! Hope you're all having as lazy and relaxing an Easter Sunday as I am. Sleeping in and having brunch is pretty much the best!

I have a couple things to announce.
First, I'd like to thank TasteTO for their recent write up on Drawn and Devoured...I think they describe the blog fabulously! It's nice to hear that people like my writing as much as my drawing, since it's not as much my specialty. You can read that HERE.

Also, I just launched a facebook fan page for Drawn and Devoured! You should follow over there as well, since I'll be mirroring the updates. I'm also curious to know just how many people are following D&D!

Last, I recently posted the process that goes into making an illustration for The One that Got Away over at my illustration blog. If you're curious about how I make my art, head over and check it out.

I'll see you all Tuesday for the next scrumptious update!

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