Tuesday, January 25, 2011


This is an adorable new cafe on Parliament street, serving food in the style of the French countryside. I am now a massive fan. This entry is a bit of a quickie, by the way- it's been a busy week!

Merryberry interior
Merryberry seems to be overwhelmed by their immense popularity!

-they were rushing around, the one server with sweat dripping on his brow, but so full of genuine smiles for everyone
-the disorganization at first might just have been because of some badly behaved baby brunchers taking up a lot of space and energy

I saw some people with salads that were HUGE! They looked delicious.

Something is fishy here...
stew of the day (fish in white sauce) with warm quinoa salad
-the quinoa was nutty, buttery, and soft as. It was a generous helping without being ridiculous, and the pine nuts added a much needed crunch. Tasted very homey and simple. A country dish!
-the stew was really more of a chowder. It was a thin creamy broth with lovely chunks of potato, salmon and cod. Very generous on the fish! Strange combo, but great flavour. I think it had leeks, and it was actually a cream soup that I didn't feel would give me a coronary. very simple, again.

Menu and Dessert
This was my first time ever having panacotta. I didn't know what to expect! Is it cheese? Is it hot, is it cold? I was thinking out loud. This is the only cafe in Toronto where I've really struck up conversations with strangers! Yes, it is cheese, and cold. It tastes like vanilla ice cream, but has the texture of a firm pudding. I didn't really taste cheese much, but I did enjoy it! The berries might have been from frozen, but they were in a lovely, sugary sauce that made it all OK by me.

I will be coming back here over and over again, for the wonderfully friendly service, kind customers, amazing food, reasonable prices, and just plain convenience.
New favourite unlocked! Merry Berry on Urbanspoon

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  1. What a cute post! I love Merryberry too - the people who work there are really lovely. It's quite a hidden gem!